How our Attorneys can help

Without a doubt there are always delays resulting from the property transfer process, and many participants in property transactions require access to funds, which would only become available on the day that the transaction is registered in the relevant Deeds Office.

Bridging finance companies such as ourselves provide finance that creates a much needed bridge between the participant’s immediate cash flow requirement and the eventual entitlement to funds on registration in the Deeds Office. Due to this, Bridging finance is typically not provided by commercial banks and therefore we step in.

Various forms of bridging finance are available, depending on the participant in the property transactions that requires finance. Sellers of fixed property can bridge sales proceeds, estate agents bridge estate agents’ commission, and mortgagors bridge the proceeds of further or switch bonds. Bridging finance is also available to settle outstanding property taxes or municipal accounts or to pay transfer duties. Of which all of the above mentioned would require the knowledge and guidance of a qualified Attorney to see things through.

Our preferred Attorneys work close with us to make sure that the funds needed go through successfully and as quick as possible, so we can provide you, our customer with a smooth and simple experience giving you what you require with minimal delays.